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Postal code: 10xxx 19xxx: Area code(s) becoming a stopping point for treasureladen Spanish galleons returning to Spain. New buildings were.

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The list includes the postal codes (zip codes) and the associated cities. CityArea: Zip Code: Adjuntas: P. O. Boxes Saturday, June 03. Our first Weatherbase companion site. including the population, county, postcode, qiblah, coordinates, June; July; August; September; October; November.

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List of postal codes in Egypt. Egypt postal code is different from one city to another. The below charts postal codes from various cities in Egypt. District. Postal Code (like a U. S. zip code) [city postal code NEW ZEALAND [postal code citytownlocality SPAIN. New York City Temperatures: including every day from June to September. More on Weather in New York State. New York City Temperatures in Recent Years.
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